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Goodbye July!


July has come and gone! Where has it gone? I thought I’d have so much time to write and work and dream, but I did a lot of running around with the kids- getting to VBS and sports camp.  We also spent a week with my in-laws, enjoying some quiet country air and avoiding the NE coast heat wave!  So now we’re into August and I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been coming up with!


Primarily, I’m working on an inventory, both for my Etsy shop and for a local Indie Craft Market that I’ll be selling in this December!  I am so excited to show some of my work!  I have tons of prototypes to share, and I hope you will be willing to give me a little feedback on what you like and what you think might be more popular.  I’m sure there are some fashion gurus out there! I’ll be posting pictures in the near future- as I’m still in the creative phase.

I’ve also been contracted to create a sweater for my friend’s children!  I am thrilled to be making the first sweater, and I am plugging along in writing up the pattern as well.  Here’s a sneak peek…

I am enjoying the process so far.  The colors are fun, but it has been difficult to work with wool during the heat of the summer.  Knitting waits for nothing!

Thank you for keeping up with me.  Can’t wait to share more soon!


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