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Birds Nest Necklace

Something I’ve been playing with… This one was made for my mom for Mother’s Day.  I love how it turned out…

I think this style charm might become an Etsy item.  Keep an eye on my shop for other versions!



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I’ve got a hankering for some pretty things- new spring tops, fun whimsical items.  But we’re in the process of figuring out what to do with a bum car and so the extra spending must slow.  Gotta make do with what I’ve got.  Not that it’s a bad thing to wear the same clothes for two years (oh no!), but you must agree that a bit of freshening up can help.  Especially when it’s been raining for 2 days and it’s not expected to stop for a week…

So what does this mean?

I did some browsing around Anthropologie today.  I love the jewelry and general style of their lines.  Somewhat vintage with a little modern thrown in, yet simple.  I’ve been inspired.


These two sweaters in particular caught my eye.  I love the braided features- cables without being bulky.

I can see this one as being pretty fun to work on, too.

I’ll be back…

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How cool is this?  The lovely folks (or folk) over at Grosgrain are putting on a free pattern month.  I am not much of a sewer- well at least not much anymore- but I just love the ideas that people bring forth.  And who knows? Maybe I’ll take a break from wool during the heat of summer and dig out the old Brother machine.

Go check it out!

Image borrowed from Grosgrain.

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More Pretties

I’ve really been on this jewelry kick lately.  It’s been such fun to put together something quick and pretty! I’ve continued on with my beading and created this necklace inspired by this necklace from JJill.

Here’s my take:

Looks great with simple outfits, white shirts, cardis, jeans. I’m really happy with it. Best part?  It cost me about $8!

I jumped into knitted jewelry, too.  These earrings are Bijouterie (v. 1) from knitty.com. Quick, easy and beautiful, my only issue is that I did not have the correct gauge wire. I do love them, though…

And a ring to match from Craft: a crocheted cocktail ring.

Next up? Jewels inspired by this…

Oooh- can’t wait…  Just have to find somewhere to wear them now!

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And More (and more, and more)

I’m just on a roll.  I think some of these beaded items turned out pretty nice.  Some need a little work still, but I think I’m getting better!  I do have some knitting content coming, too, for those who appreciate fiber over glitz.  🙂  Anyway, on with the showing!

Sorry- gotta look sideways on this one- one each of three sets of earrings.  The top matches the necklace I posted yesterday and the bottom one is supposed to match the next necklace.

This one is a fail, I think.  I based it on a necklace I saw on One Pretty Thing, but I really botched it up when I cut the ribbon.  I think the beads are too small, as well. I love the grays, though, so I’ll have to revamp and try again.

Now this is more like it!  I love how this turned out, with the assymetry and the red tones.  I found a bronze chain, too, which I think adds some depth.

These are supposed to match the above necklace- the color in the photo is a bit off.  I tried to add a bit of the silver ribbon to the bracelet- another fail. I think it does still need a third strand of some sort- just not sure what yet.  The earrings are a win in my book!

So that’s it for now!  I have two more sets of beads to try out- I need to do some more looking around for inspiration first.  Hope you’ve enjoyed my foray into beading!

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Yep, More!

Here’s the start of my beading frenzy.  Beads bought at Hobby Lobby, strung on crochet thread.  There are earrings to match.

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