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I finished my shawlette last week.  I am LOVING the results!  I used about 300 yards of Regia 4ply color in a slightly varigated pastel shade.  I have had this yarn for years, but really never had a good use for it until this shawlette.  I’m just so happy with it!

The pattern was just complex enough to keep me interested, but small enough to keep me interested.  🙂  I really like the “top down” design.  It made it so much easier to complete as the rows were bigger while I was still initially motivated.

I think it blocked out very nicely- all the yarn overs are easily seen.

Thank you WendyKnits for a wonderful, fun knit-along!

Specs: Size 5 aluminum needles.  Sock weight yarn.

And what else have I been up to?  Stay tuned…


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