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Goodbye July!


July has come and gone! Where has it gone? I thought I’d have so much time to write and work and dream, but I did a lot of running around with the kids- getting to VBS and sports camp.  We also spent a week with my in-laws, enjoying some quiet country air and avoiding the NE coast heat wave!  So now we’re into August and I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been coming up with!


Primarily, I’m working on an inventory, both for my Etsy shop and for a local Indie Craft Market that I’ll be selling in this December!  I am so excited to show some of my work!  I have tons of prototypes to share, and I hope you will be willing to give me a little feedback on what you like and what you think might be more popular.  I’m sure there are some fashion gurus out there! I’ll be posting pictures in the near future- as I’m still in the creative phase.

I’ve also been contracted to create a sweater for my friend’s children!  I am thrilled to be making the first sweater, and I am plugging along in writing up the pattern as well.  Here’s a sneak peek…

I am enjoying the process so far.  The colors are fun, but it has been difficult to work with wool during the heat of the summer.  Knitting waits for nothing!

Thank you for keeping up with me.  Can’t wait to share more soon!


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It’s just so sweet when preschools do an “official” graduation. The kids spent about a half hour singing their little hearts out and then were awarded a diploma to mark the end of the preschool year.  Guess this means that K is an official Kindergarten kid now!  She did so well during the show and was so excited to dress up special and wear her four-cornered hat.

My hat, it has four corners.

Four corners has my hat.

And had it not four corners,

It would not be my hat!

She has really blossomed into a confident kid.  Seems like every time I turn around I am reminded that she is so capable, strong, intelligent.  And stubborn.  🙂  Can’t wait to see how she does next year, but for now we celebrate summer!


Congratulations, K!

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Happy Birthday M!

Another year, another birthday!  My M has turned seven!  I’m starting to sound a tiny bit repetitive as I talk about how I can’t believe how old she is and how wonderful she is and how much fun we’ve had (and are continuing to have).  She’s a lucky girl- having been born on Earth Day and this year, with Easter coming just a few days later, we have so much more to celebrate.


We started the birthday experience by getting M’s ears pierced.  She was so brave and so proud of herself!  Originally she had stated she didn’t want any piercings until college, but over a few months convinced herself that she really did want real earrings.  It seems almost like a rite of passage, and M is so on the edge of big kid it!  That gives me all kinds of mixed emotions, but she is really turning into a wonderful big kid with the innocence of little kid still fresh in her eyes.  I love her ability to overlook the bad in people and not attend to the junk in life.  She is her own kid.

We had a nice visit with Gaga and Aunt Becket who went with us to the DaVinci Science Center. The kids had a great time playing with all the exhibits and trying to create a padded case that would keep an egg safe from a free fall crash.  But the biggest hit was the Peeps car that was parked outside.  The free exhibit, of course!  🙂

Lunch at TGIFridays rounded off the morning and opened the afternoon to presents, dinner, cupcakes and more presents, including the Swing Cardigan.  I think it might be a little short in the torso- my kids are much more lanky than I ever expect- but it is a fabulous color and I think it will work well as a spring/summer layer.

I’ll talk more about Easter in another post, but for today I’ll leave a message for my M:

You are on the way to growing up, but you are holding onto your youth with both hands.  I am so proud of your accomplishments as a first grader and a daughter and sister.  You are a great helper, a wonderful student, and a easy going kid (mostly!). You’ve improved in your dancing, your reading, your independence- all the things you need.  I’m always so happy to call you my daughter and am looking forward to spending year 7 with you!

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Just have too many fun pix to show.  This will make up for the lack of posting, right?

Apple Blossoms

Fluffy White Tree

  What happens when you eat things bigger than your head.

 Fancy rainbow skirts made by the talented SewMelody to celebrate Palm Sunday.  Used in the girls’ dance recital.

Just a cutie.  Had to share.

M’s birthday is tomorrow so there is much in the works.  I’ve got her swing cardigan all ready, just needs wrapping. She’s so excited for her special day.  In the meantime, I’ve been researching tank/tee patterns for summer.  I started the Counterpane Blouse from Interweave, but my yarn (Lyndon Hill) is not making it easy to get gauge and I’m about to scrap the project.  There’s a few other ideas in the wings as well as a half finished pari of Harvest Dew socks. AND- I ordered some Noro Silk Garden to make a Lanesplitter skirt.  I was lucky enough to win a gift card to WEBS and found a pretty colorway on clearance.  What makes for a better project?  So excited to get it- I’ve been wanting to use Noro for a LONG time.

And if I don’t get back in time- Happy Easter!  Hallelujah- He is risen!

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Laurie Berkner!


Laurie is one Hot Commo-di-ty.
Her music makes me want to be Mister Chimpanzee.
I’d swing by a Shady Tree with a Song in my Tum-my
And show off all My Energy.

Laurie Berkner- Who’s that?
She doesn’t wear This Hat.
In her Little Red Caboose she wears frog Boots
And Blows a Kiss from the Moon, Moon, Moon.

Is she one of The Dinosaurs
Who goes to The Pretzel Store?
She’s Just Like the Sun on a Rocketship Run.
I can’t wait to have some fun!!!

Can You Imagine? Smile! Mahalo, Laini and Carrie!


I know- not the best poem in the world, but it was good enough to win tickets to see Laurie Berkner last weekend.  M and I went and had a great time!  The band has such energy.  All the kids in the theater were jumping around and singing.  I think the band sounded just like their recordings- a real challenge with so many distractions around!

M jumped right in with a rabbit on her head (from the Pig on her Head song).  So silly!

Poor quality=low light.  We don’t go to concerts often, but this one was worth the trip!

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Be Back Soon

We’re moving- literally- to a new house.  It’s not far away from our old place, but, as any move, it takes time, energy and lots of patience.  We are loving the new house and are eager to get into “normal” here.

In the meantime, I’d recommend reading Rhythm of the Home.  Their spring issue just came out and it’s a tear jerker.  Either that or I am waxing sentimental in my overtired, slightly stressed state.  I am finding a real longing for spring this year and all the newness and life it brings.

Be back soon!

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This past week was my 9th anniversary of being married to my wonderful husband.  Nine years and still going strong!  That is a testament to God’s greatness as so many people out there these days don’t make it 5 years.  We have our moments (as any couple does), but He has given us the strength and wherewithal to get past those moments and move on in happiness.  So we celebrated this weekend with a long overdue date (thanks Gaga and Popup!) and a visit to beautiful Longwood Gardens with the family.

We ate delicious Thai food at a local place we’ve been wanting to go to, White Orchid.  I had green curry and mmmmm- it was so good!

That, with Thai corncakes and jasmine tea made the perfect dinner.  Then we went to see The King’s Speech, which also was fabulous!  Of course, as a Speech-Language Pathologist on hiatus, I loved the premise of the movie.  I loved the humor, the historical fiction, and the costumes.  Fabulous all around.  And now I am dying to figure out a sweater worn by the therapist’s wife.  So cleaver!

I’ll leave you with a gallery from our garden trip.  Longwood’s indoor conservatory was the perfect breath of fresh air.  And this is the first time I’ve ever been to a garden and actually was able to smell the fragrance of the flowers, thanks to a SMRT procedure done a few weeks ago on my nose and newly started allergy shots.  God is amazing.

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