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When Girls Attack

Nothing is sacred…


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Feeling Royal

There’s just something about royalty.  We all feel it.  There’s tradition, mystery, beauty, romance- all the things we are supposed to think about, right?  I’ve been watching a bunch of “royal” films lately- The King’s Speech, the Tudors (TV series)- and period pieces- Emma, Pride and Prejudice- that have totally put me in the mood for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton today. Though I did not get up at 5am to see the nuptuals, I did watch the rebroadcast online and loved every minute.  The grandure of her entrance.  The fantastic cathedral. The soundtrack-esque LIVE music. The promanade to the palace. The palace. The kiss.  Wow.  Her life is really about to change.

So, in honor of the royal day I went out and bought myself something pretty at a lovely new second hand store in my neighborhood.  It’s a ring (hard to see the band in the pictures) about an inch and a half in diameter and I feel so grand.  🙂

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Unusual Happenings

You know you live in an “artsy” city neighborhood of sorts when you see this happening on the corner of the schoolyard on the way home.



As the boy says: They smell gorgeous! Love, love having a bush in our front yard.

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Just have too many fun pix to show.  This will make up for the lack of posting, right?

Apple Blossoms

Fluffy White Tree

  What happens when you eat things bigger than your head.

 Fancy rainbow skirts made by the talented SewMelody to celebrate Palm Sunday.  Used in the girls’ dance recital.

Just a cutie.  Had to share.

M’s birthday is tomorrow so there is much in the works.  I’ve got her swing cardigan all ready, just needs wrapping. She’s so excited for her special day.  In the meantime, I’ve been researching tank/tee patterns for summer.  I started the Counterpane Blouse from Interweave, but my yarn (Lyndon Hill) is not making it easy to get gauge and I’m about to scrap the project.  There’s a few other ideas in the wings as well as a half finished pari of Harvest Dew socks. AND- I ordered some Noro Silk Garden to make a Lanesplitter skirt.  I was lucky enough to win a gift card to WEBS and found a pretty colorway on clearance.  What makes for a better project?  So excited to get it- I’ve been wanting to use Noro for a LONG time.

And if I don’t get back in time- Happy Easter!  Hallelujah- He is risen!

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Vacation Swing

Each summer I bring a ton of knitting with us on vacation.  The last few years we went to the beach and I just didn’t find myself motivated to work with wool.  Kinda counterintuitive, I guess.  But I saw this fun color that reminded me of the ocean and an easy pattern and started in.  This is the Sunday Swing pattern from Knitty.com.

They turned out lovely, though with a few foibles.  First, it took me a good six months to get through the first sock.  Then, I was nearly done with the second when I completely forgot to work the gusset decreases and had a bag instead of a sock.  Finally, after fixing 5+ inches of knitting, I discovered I’d made a mistake in the first sock’s toe.  I’m not sure if it is an error in the pattern or a misread on my part, but I didn’t alternate decrease rows initially and ended up with a pointier, shorter toe.  It doesn’t look bad, so I repeated my mistake on the second sock and they are now a bit too short in the foot.  I could take them out and re-do the toes, but that would be just too much work for today.  🙂  

I used Happy Feet Sock yarn- my almost favorite.  I love the “roundness” of the strand, and the color variations are so fun.  Plus, it’s a great deal, so I can afford to make more socks!  My camera (phone) did not capture the beachy hues of this colorway (scroll down to 15), unfortunately.  It is much more of a purple/navy/teal/aqua varigation than the bright blues that are showing up.  It will look great with a pair of jeans and a white shirt.  In all, I enjoyed this pattern- found it easy to memorize and quick to complete once I got myself into it.  And, since this is the first pair of socks that I have completed in over a year, I feel great and am ready to jump into a new pair!

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I passed these remnant flowers on my way to the school one day.  So simple and pretty in their post-winter sepia.  I love the detail that remains on each petal, even after wind, snow, and rain.  I’m trying to look at this move like the flower.

It’s crazy.  I’m living among piles of stuff and trying to survive the hurricane of “little things” that need to be fixed or figured out in the first few weeks. New living arrangements always have their quirks and things that are unexpected, but it seems older homes, with their nooks and crannies and unconventionalities are just a bit more…  interesting. So, I am surrounded by the remnants of the chaos, but am really enjoying the fresh start and am liking it here more and more.

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