It’s just so sweet when preschools do an “official” graduation. The kids spent about a half hour singing their little hearts out and then were awarded a diploma to mark the end of the preschool year.  Guess this means that K is an official Kindergarten kid now!  She did so well during the show and was so excited to dress up special and wear her four-cornered hat.

My hat, it has four corners.

Four corners has my hat.

And had it not four corners,

It would not be my hat!

She has really blossomed into a confident kid.  Seems like every time I turn around I am reminded that she is so capable, strong, intelligent.  And stubborn.  🙂  Can’t wait to see how she does next year, but for now we celebrate summer!


Congratulations, K!


Feeling Inspired

I’ve got a hankering for some pretty things- new spring tops, fun whimsical items.  But we’re in the process of figuring out what to do with a bum car and so the extra spending must slow.  Gotta make do with what I’ve got.  Not that it’s a bad thing to wear the same clothes for two years (oh no!), but you must agree that a bit of freshening up can help.  Especially when it’s been raining for 2 days and it’s not expected to stop for a week…

So what does this mean?

I did some browsing around Anthropologie today.  I love the jewelry and general style of their lines.  Somewhat vintage with a little modern thrown in, yet simple.  I’ve been inspired.


These two sweaters in particular caught my eye.  I love the braided features- cables without being bulky.

I can see this one as being pretty fun to work on, too.

I’ll be back…

Mysterious Sockage

I’ve been working hard on lots of projects. In fact, my Lanesplitter is blocking and just about ready for seaming!  So excited for that!  So, as it dries I’ve been working on Clue 2 of the Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock for the May Sockdown.  It’s called Artichoke and has subtle beading on the cuff.  I’ve decided to use a muddy brown (lightly varigated) yarn I’ve had lying around for a while with some goldish iridescent beads.  I think I bought the yarn with the intention of using it for Nate, but I’m actually enjoying the organic feel of the color as I create a flower/plant on the side.

Can you see the little flower blooming?  Color is not quite right, but close.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any mystery knitting.  I’m enjoying the deadlines- having the pieces broken down into manageable segments and the intrigue of what it will look like, ultimately.  I do hope I win part of the drawing this month.  There are some BEAUTIFUL prizes- as always.

This is the biggie.  Sweaters!

This is the Diminishing Ribs Cardigan from Interweave Knits.  I love it. Cozy and pretty flattering, I think.  Plus, it only took me a month!  I am somewhat disappointed in the neckline.  It turned out too big for me- could be my shoulder slope, but I either need to pin it overlapped or create lapels, in or outside the sweater.  I used Encore Worsted for this project.  I think this may be one of the last worsted weight sweaters I make for myself.  Our new town tends to be slightly warmer than I expected and I really don’t have much use for a bulky sweater.  I think I have enough to get through the dark days of winter.  I’m going to focus more on DK or Sport weight in the future.

For M’s birthday I made the Child’s Swing Cardigan from Easy Kids Knits.  I love the color and the yarn was easy to work with.  It’s Happy Feet DK, which should wear well.  I think it could have been a little bit longer in the torso, but if my girl is happy, then I am as well!

This is the boy’s birthday sweater.  It is Striped Outfit for a Stripeknight (found on Ravelry), but I added a train because there’s nothing more important to this boy than his trains! The train is just appliqued with adhesive spray and blanket stitch. Very simple. The hardest part was finding the fabric that was the perfect orange and finding an image. The boy wears the sweater very frequently, and the train is holding up very well in the wash.  The best part of this sweater is the rolled edges, which can be easily lengthened as he grows. I can see this being an integral wardrobe piece for some time! Made with Encore Worsted.

Thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane!  Any questions? Check the links on my Ravelry project page (weesheep) or send a comment.

More catching up!  On with the FO’s!





Lots of stash yarn used here.  From top to bottom: Kurbis baby hat, pumpkinized for K’s Halloween costume. Shorty Bucket Hat made for the elementary school holiday raffle.  Lilly- for a friend’s new grandbaby.  It was her coming home hat.  What an honor! The Wee Baby Hat from Swiss Army Librarian for another new baby. My own ear wrap pattern, based on a magazine picture.  Easy in bulky yarn- warm and toasty! And more baby hats- Rib-Knit Baby Hat, the Striped Hat (from the set in Zoe Mellor’s Adorable Knits for Tots), and Mr. Bassil’s Hat (from the hat and blanket set).  I love to give hats as gifts.  They are quick, easy to use, necessary for wee ones and there are so many wonderful choices out there!



Again from the top: Wavy Lace Capelet from Interweave Knits using a thick-n-thin yarn found on sale at the LYS. Two Kindergarten Kits– neckwarmers for the kids.  I used a button and split neck on the second.  I think I like the turtleneck better, overall.  These are VERY handy to keep little necks cozy! A Drop Stitch Scarf found on Ravelry.  Easy and pretty using Jojoland Rhythm Superwash.  Loved the color on the ball- not so good knitted up, unfortunately.  I might enjoy it more in a stockinette rather than a lace pattern.  Finally, the Fresco Basket Whip Cowl from Classic Elite.  So pretty.  I used some Heilo from Dalegarn.  I thought it was a little scratchy for a cowl, but the recipient seemed to like it.

Watch for Installment 3…

Feeling Royal

There’s just something about royalty.  We all feel it.  There’s tradition, mystery, beauty, romance- all the things we are supposed to think about, right?  I’ve been watching a bunch of “royal” films lately- The King’s Speech, the Tudors (TV series)- and period pieces- Emma, Pride and Prejudice- that have totally put me in the mood for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton today. Though I did not get up at 5am to see the nuptuals, I did watch the rebroadcast online and loved every minute.  The grandure of her entrance.  The fantastic cathedral. The soundtrack-esque LIVE music. The promanade to the palace. The palace. The kiss.  Wow.  Her life is really about to change.

So, in honor of the royal day I went out and bought myself something pretty at a lovely new second hand store in my neighborhood.  It’s a ring (hard to see the band in the pictures) about an inch and a half in diameter and I feel so grand.  🙂

Unusual Happenings

You know you live in an “artsy” city neighborhood of sorts when you see this happening on the corner of the schoolyard on the way home.



As the boy says: They smell gorgeous! Love, love having a bush in our front yard.