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When Girls Attack

Nothing is sacred…


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Just have too many fun pix to show.  This will make up for the lack of posting, right?

Apple Blossoms

Fluffy White Tree

  What happens when you eat things bigger than your head.

 Fancy rainbow skirts made by the talented SewMelody to celebrate Palm Sunday.  Used in the girls’ dance recital.

Just a cutie.  Had to share.

M’s birthday is tomorrow so there is much in the works.  I’ve got her swing cardigan all ready, just needs wrapping. She’s so excited for her special day.  In the meantime, I’ve been researching tank/tee patterns for summer.  I started the Counterpane Blouse from Interweave, but my yarn (Lyndon Hill) is not making it easy to get gauge and I’m about to scrap the project.  There’s a few other ideas in the wings as well as a half finished pari of Harvest Dew socks. AND- I ordered some Noro Silk Garden to make a Lanesplitter skirt.  I was lucky enough to win a gift card to WEBS and found a pretty colorway on clearance.  What makes for a better project?  So excited to get it- I’ve been wanting to use Noro for a LONG time.

And if I don’t get back in time- Happy Easter!  Hallelujah- He is risen!

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Really great stuff!  Crocuses!  In February!  Yay!

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Day Off

Why does it take media for the kids to get along and snuggle?  That’s a tiny iPhone in the center.  Not even a big TV with favorite videos gets the attention like this little computer.  Today’s kids are definitely wired differently.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s isn’t usually one of our top holidays as a couple, since our anniversary is also in February, but the kids really enjoy the process of making cards and the schools seem to play it up a bunch.  So, when M asked if we could do something special for Daddy I had to go along.  She planned an entire menu:

Appetizer: Veggie tray

Side: Salad and bread sticks

Main Dish: Stuffed shells

Dessert: Chocolate fondue with fruit

Drink: Strawberry cream smoothies

She was so happy and proud of herself and her (healthy!) choices.  I’ll leave you with a picture of the splendid dinner.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Road to Somewhere

Look familiar?  Like a path I mentioned earlier?  The day we THOUGHT we’d lost a house?  Well, yay, world!  The path goes somewhere now!  We did get the house we were hoping for and we are in the throes of getting ready to move.  Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!  I won’t have my own craft room, but I will get a dedicated space to store everything and a nook to call my own.  Did I say I can’t wait?

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Sidewalk Adventures

Just what every little man wants to see outside his front door- heavy machinery!

It was very interesting seeing this whole process.  I was afraid they were going to rip out the lovely tree, but the men were careful and did great.  I grabbed some souveniers- pieces of the old slate curb.  I’m hoping to have some great painting epiphany and make a lovely welcome sign from it.

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